Executive Meeting change for November

The executive committee meeting of ZEA for the month of November has been changed.  It was to be held on November 17th, but will now be on November 10th at 5:00 or a bit after.  It will be held in the ZMS cafeteria or ZMS library.  Sorry for the change in venue and date.

2014 – 2015 ZEA Executive Committee Meeting Dates



**please note that the elementary and secondary dates have been switched


August – General Membership Meeting on opening day, August 18, 2014

Combined Meeting to follow


September – Secondary Meeting Monday the 8thZanesville High School

Elementary Meeting Monday the 15thNational Road


October – Secondary Meeting Monday the 13thZanesville Middle School

Elementary Meeting Monday the 20thZane Gray


November – Combined Meeting Monday the 17thTBA


January – Secondary Meeting Monday the 12thZanesville High School

Elementary Meeting Tuesday the 20thJohn McIntire


February – Secondary Meeting Monday the 9thZanesville Middle School

Elementary Meeting Tuesday the 17thNational Road


March – Combined Meeting Monday the 9thTBA


April – Secondary Meeting Monday the 13thZanesville High School

Elementary Meeting Monday the 20thZane Gray
May – Combined Meeting  Monday the 11thTBA

ZEA Executive Committee Meetings Minutes April 29, 2014

ZEA minutes 4-29-14

ZEA Executive Committee Minutes March 19, 2014


ZEA Minutes March 19, 2014

ZEA Executive Committee Minutes 2/19/14

ZEA minutes Feb 19, 2014

Election Results 2014 – 2015

Election Results for 2014 – 2015


President – Eric Baldwin

Vice-president Secondary – Heather Taylor

Vice-president Elementary – Erin Omen

Treasurer – Martha Mitchell

Secretary – Jere Kay Gardner

Technology Communications Coordinator – Katie Sites

Internal Communications Coordinator – Autumn Wilden

External Communications Coordinator – Annette Porter

EOEA Delegate – Evan McCullough, Heather Taylor, Martha Mitchell, Judy Tolley, Katie Sites, Becky Tom, Sarah Gantzer, Emma Best

OEA Delegate – Heather Taylor, Martha Mitchell, Judy Tolley

NEA Delegate – Heather Taylor, Martha Mitchell


Nominations for Officers, Delegates, and Committees 2014

Below you can find a nomination for officers, committees and delegates for 2o14 – 2015.

If you are interested in participating, please return the form to

Heather Taylor at ZHS by March 3, 2014.

ZEA Nominations 2014

Approved Meeting Minutes

ZEA Minutes January 2014

Results of Recent ZEA Vote

All three issues from the vote passed. Results on Blizzard bags were 181 for, 11 against. The C&B passed with 190 votes in favor, none against. The TPO passed with 187 for, 3 against.

Materials for Vote February 2014

Autumn shared these items via email to help members understand al areas of the February 2014 vote.

Revised ZEA Constitution and By Laws


MOU on the use of Blizzard Bags

1-31-14 ZEA Blizzard Bag MOU – HM-1

MOU of TPO for ZEA President

ZEA MOU – TPO Stipends 1-31-14-1