Nominations for Officers, Delegates, and Committees 2014

Below you can find a nomination for officers, committees and delegates for 2o14 – 2015.

If you are interested in participating, please return the form to

Heather Taylor at ZHS by March 3, 2014.

ZEA Nominations 2014

Approved Meeting Minutes

ZEA Minutes January 2014

Results of Recent ZEA Vote

All three issues from the vote passed. Results on Blizzard bags were 181 for, 11 against. The C&B passed with 190 votes in favor, none against. The TPO passed with 187 for, 3 against.

Materials for Vote February 2014

Autumn shared these items via email to help members understand al areas of the February 2014 vote.

Revised ZEA Constitution and By Laws


MOU on the use of Blizzard Bags

1-31-14 ZEA Blizzard Bag MOU – HM-1

MOU of TPO for ZEA President

ZEA MOU – TPO Stipends 1-31-14-1

October 2013 ZEA Executive Committee Meeting

ZEA minutes October 2013

Sept. 2013 minutes

Sep. 2013 Minutes

DRAFT of Constitution and Bylaws of the Zanesville Education Association

ZEA Members,

 This week members will be voting on an amended ZEA Constitution & Bylaws.

OEA had requested we add two items to be in compliance. One item was to have language about holding a minimum of 2 general membership meetings a year.

The second item was to have language on policy for expulsion of members.

In addition, a committee has been working on other revisions with a focus on changing and adding offices. Those members on the front line have experienced the growing workload, which is not going away. It is crushing at times. Also, the political landscape has changed, and use of technology has had an impact.

As with anything else, adaptation is important. We want our union to be as effective as possible. And our people at the top need more of a support system. Specific offices are needed as you cannot always count on a committee to be functioning with members volunteering for it any certain year.

Almost all of these ideas are from the committee, I can’t take credit for them. J

We have noted that due to the number of concerns increasing at both the elementary and secondary level that meetings were getting longer and longer. We felt we needed to be able to discuss issues in a timely manner and be able to focus on them quickly. Most elementary and secondary issues are totally different! It became clear that we needed a specific person/officer for each. Thus the two vice presidents. And, we had wanted to change the president-elect to a vice president anyway because many members are not comfortable running for an office that will throw them into the presidency.

Three other additions involve communications. We have a website that needs constant attention, e-mail, the automated call system, legislative watches we’d like to share more of, and much more. A committee can help, however we cannot depend on a strong committee being in place to handle all of this every year.

Aside from setting up a stronger structure and support system, there would be an increase in the number of people involved at the core of union business.

This revision of our constitution & bylaws is probably a stepping stone, more may have to be done by the next president….or the one after.  We have not achieved perfection yet, however the committee has managed to put in place changes that will bring our union further along and benefit our members.

Attached is the revised c & b.




May 1, 2013 Ellen Adornetto Meeting

 May 1st, 2013 at 4:00,  Ellen Adornetto presented on a number of topics including:  OTES, the 3rd Grade Guarantee, SLOs and other related topics. Attached you will find the handouts she provided on the 3rd Grade Guarantee.
ZEA 3rd Grade Guarantee Information ZEA 3rd Grade Guuarantee Information page 2

ZEA Minutes March 2013

ZEA minutes 3-18-13

ZEA Executive Committee Minutes for Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To: ZEA Executive Committee
From: Heather Taylor
RE: ZEA Executive Committee Minutes for Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Present: Becky Tom, Amanda Smock, Candace Haudenschild, Diane Higgins, Jere Kay Gardner, Judy Tolley, Janet Busche, Chad Jackson, Elizabeth Wright, Deanna Peyton, Erin Tyson Omen, Martha Mitchell
1. Call to order at 4:02

2. Kevin Appleman presented a draft copy of a tentative schedule for next year.
Please collect feedback from your staff for PD days, is the preference for continuing 2 hour
delays, or going to whole day release. Please pole your staff and report to Autumn. Options
for dates for OAA test administration were discussed. Reading in grades 3rd – 8th grade.
Math in 3rd – 8th grade. Science in 5 and 8th grade. Reading April 25, Math April 29,
Science May 1. Spring break will move to April 14th – 21st. Discussion of break down of
grading periods and grades due. Discuss this also with your staff and report back to
Autumn. Kevin also discussed the need for training on protection/school safety. He would
like to bring in someone that is an expert in profiling. ALICE training is in the works for us.
We should be seeing police officers walking through the buildings twice a week. Drug dogs
will also be coming through again soon. Lockdowns should have been conducted at all
school. This has not happened at Zane Grey. All call desired to have all teachers in each
room the ability to make an alert for all staff. We are amping up the security in every
building. Make up days can also be discussed.

3. Reading and approval of minutes; motion to approve from Diane; second Erin. Minutes

4. President’s Report:
a. ZEA website – updated mostly
b. PAC meetings – contract doesn’t state when they are to be scheduled, maybe we should
look at putting this into the contract for next year. 4 – 5 mornings shouldn’t be a large
disruption to CORE.
c. ZEA rep/member training meeting March 7th – please encourage members to attend and
come yourself.
d. OTES – We are all concerned about this ZEA and administration in this together to prep
for the needs of OTES. It is moving and gaining momentum. It will be massive. This is a
group that will be contributing to solutions NOT complaining about problems.
e. Negotiations – We are waiting to hear from our LRC as to when we can open
negotiations. We do not have to wait for a renewal levy, but there are additional concerns
and we need to wait for the financial implications.We are waiting to hear back on when this
can begin.
f.Speech – position not offered to our membership before going outside.
g. Nomination forms need to go out a.s.a.p – we looked at what was needed and wanted by
the membership. There are new offices, and we are seeking nominations. Our LRC has
approved this. We are dividing presidential duties between Elementary and Secondary
grade levels so that the presidents can focus on needs more specific to their grade level.
We are adding new communications offices to help break up the work load. EOEA
delegate meetings at St. Clairsville, OEA meets in Columbus in the spring and the fall,
NEA meets once a year for 4 days over 4th of July weekend. Race to the Top stared at the
National level, and we need people to participate to share a voice in these discussions.
Please have nominations returned to Heather Taylor at ZHS by February 26th. Ballots will
be delivered to buildings March 18th for voting any time that week.
h. Policy for protection from shooters, etc. – Covered by Kevin in earlier discussion.
i. JME all call system – Covered by Kevin in earlier discussion.
j. Elementary Directions Meeting – attendance was discussed to see who needs to be
notified of the next meeting. Meeting Feb 27th at 4 p.m. at board office.

5. Treasurer’s Report – checks out were for Scholarships, Collective bargaining conference,
and milage for meetings.226 members (not 224). Motion to approve, Judy, second, Diane.

6.Committee Report: none at this time
a. Budget b. Dress Code c. Finance d. Fund for Children & Pub. Ed.
e. Insurance f. Membership g. Negotiations h. Nominations
i. Grievance j. Scholarship k. Sick Leave Bank l. Superintendent’s Ad. Comm.
m. Technology n. Other

7. Building Concerns:
a. ZHS – sick leave bank, and sick leave pool will be part of the contract for next year. ZEA
will be looking at ways to write up, considering adjusting the 5 days required without pay.
Could Executive Committee make these choices.
b. New Tech – nothing
c. ZMS – very bad quality of subs, we need to consider raising pay and making this part of
our next contract.
d. Zane Grey – nothing
e. National Road – trouble with service for speech still
f. John McIntire – concerns for Directions meeting, not ZEA executive committee meeting,
want a list of what is “choice”
g. Community School – high school issues with smoking, fire crackers, and marijuana and
no discipline. These kids need structure and are getting the least structure.
h. Other

8. Old Business

9. New Business

10. Announcements

11. Adjournment 6:05